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How many calories burned on elliptical | Calories burning tips

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Do you panic about your extra body fat and looking for effective equipped? The elliptical is the most effective key tools for calories burning and cardio development.  

Although, so many calories burned on elliptical machine but some people don’t know how many calories burned on elliptical.

In these reviews, for those people who want to burned calories on elliptical workout machine. Following the guideline properly you can reduce so many calories without putting impact.

You should remember that elliptical trainer is a kind of tools that gives you more than four workouts that’s amazing for your calories burning destination.

We are pretty sure that after reading these reviews you can easy to reduce calories and calculate how much you reduce.

Elliptical training 

An elliptical machine or cross-trainer is one of the most effective exercise tools that you can easy to complete, walking, and stair climb, running, and hiking without putting a lot of impact on your joints.

Usually, cross-trainer also provides a cardio exercise that can vary in intensity but it’s depending on setting, speed, and resistance levels.  There are so many health benefits including in this exercise:

  • Improve cardiovascular exercise and reduce risk
  • It controls your body weight
  • Reduce risk of diabetes and breast cancer
  • Improve your blood circulation flow
  • Developed muscles, strong bones, and joints

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) each week 150 minutes of moderate intensity of exercise (less 75 minutes vigorous intensity exercise) need to exercise for your better health.  

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are great an innovation for burn calories because of it has a lot of health benefits. You have pay attention below:

  • Totally-body workout: There are many exercise machines available on the market for total body improvement. But, very few machines have offered total-body workout benefits an elliptical trainer is one of them.
  • Less-impact: As a low-impact workout elliptical trainer have well reputation. During workout your ankles, hips, knees, or back doesn’t impact.
  • Build multiple muscles: You know that every single target your individual body parts but elliptical equipped are targets your entire body muscles. So it can build your multiple muscles without use different type of exercise.
  • Versatility: It’s another most effective program for improving different body muscles. It has pedaling, backward, forward options that easy to target your upper and lower body fitness.
  • Variety: So many elliptical workout machines have on your local market and online shop but you have needed to find out the best one for home use.

Calorie Burn on Elliptical Machines

How many calories burn on elliptical machines is depending on some factors?

  • Body weight: The more weight you have, the faster you will lose weight while exercising.
  • Body composition: Generally, those who have more muscle can lose more weight than those with less muscle mass. So if you are a person with more muscles than you can lose weight faster.
  • Sex issued: Men have more muscle and weight than women so men can burn fatter than women.
  • Duration: If you exercise more, you can burn fatter. There is no doubt that those who exercise extra can burn fatter.
  • Workout intensity: The faster you manage your exercise, the faster your fat will burn. So you decide you don’t burn fat fast, you burn slowly.
  • Upper body exercise: You may not know that the more active your upper body is, the higher your fat burning rate will be.

Below are some estimates that are ideal for you and you can easily find out about your weight and fat burning level.


Pound weight

Workout time

Calories burning estimates


120- pound

30 to 60 minutes

310 to 600 calories


150- pound

30 to 60 minutes

400 to 800 calories


180- pound

30 to 60 minutes

500 to 950 calories



30 to 60 minutes

550 to 1000 calories


In the end, I hope you can easy to understand that how many calories burned on elliptical workout. This review gives you well information that assists to reduce more calories and build strong muscles. So, keep continue your elliptical trainer for calories burning and get weight free slime body fitness.


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