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Best exerpeutic 1000xl heavy duty magnetic elliptical

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Hi, friends, do you looking for heavy-duty elliptical workout machine? The Best exerpeutic 1000xl heavy-duty magnetic elliptical machine is one of the best heavy duty elliptical machines in the fitness community.

This machine is very nicely designed for overall user so that you can easily like and appreciate this machine.

However, a great machine that consists of 8 levels of magnetic resistance that’s awesome for better experience. With an LCD monitor that can easily understand the data of a user’s workouts on display.

It is an exerpeutic elliptical machine that makes the user’s upper and lower body very strong so every user can get this benefit through his practice.

Although, it is entry levels exercise equipped and may be ideal for the beginner who want to good body shape and increase stamina levels.

So, let’s have a look at a glance!

Exerpeutic 1000xl elliptical Technical features:

Adjustable 8-level of magnetic tension

Dual moving arms

Adjustable non-slip pedals

Dual directional flywheel

Very smooth and cool operating

Easy to move options

Dimension: 54×23×63 Inches (L×W×H)

Supported weight capacity 300 lbs

Exerpeutic 1000xl elliptical Computer features:

Workout distance

Calories burning

Heart rate

Exercise time


Warranty options

Usually, different manufacturer offer different time of warranty services for your better experiment. So, when you will decide for buying any fitness equipped carefully checking warranty service.  This manufacturer offer 3 years of limited time warranty options that’s enough for your equipped.

Weight Capacity

This external high power magnetic elliptical device with a 1000xl pulse maintains a capacity of up to weights 300 pounds which is very good for user practice work.

Usually, with this elliptical, you can lose weight and burn your extra calories in less time. External Therapeutic Fitness is an elliptical machine that allows the user to perform any of its competitive tasks.

It can be said that this elliptical machine is a beautiful and durable and you can easily reach your fitness well destination with this elliptical.

Fitness monitor 

exerpeutic elliptical

An exerpeutic 1000xl elliptical machine arrived with a large LCD console. That allows a user to easily display distance, calories, and speed of time as directed on the screen.

And this exerpeutic 1000xl magnetic elliptical includes your heart monitor measuring instrument that will show you on a large display.

So it can be said that this machine has made it very modern and beautiful for you which will make your practice much easier.

Adjustable Magnetic resistance

exerpeutic elliptical machine

The exerpeutic elliptical 1000xl have an 8 level magnetic resistance that’s makes the machine very smooth, quiet and challenging for the user.

Basically, adjustable magnetic resistance makes your destination smooth and healthy.

Your friends and neighbor don’t feel disturbed when you will work out on your favorite elliptical bike because it doesn’t produce sound.

So, it is really outstanding innovation for your indoor exercise who wants to exercise quiet and smooth without any loud.

I hope it will full-fill you’re every single requirements and gives you strong strength levels which you will look for also.

Non-Slip Pedals

exerpeutic elliptical manual

The exerpeutic 1000xl magnetic elliptical footplates of the machine are made in a very stylish way.So, that the user does not slip the foot in any way and can finish his practice efficiently.

These 13-inch foot pedals are designed in such a way that you are not likely to slip at once. Especially, when it comes to your new exercise, it is also safe for you.

So, feel free to complete your workout and move on to your destination without any hindrance.I am sure that you will reach your goal and have the right body.

Smooth and quiet Flywheel

exerpeutic elliptical review

A good quality flywheel gives a different dimension to your workout, which is really great. So before buying any exercise machine, you must check the functionality of its flywheel, otherwise there is no value in exercising.  This bike delivers a very high quality flywheel that takes your level of exercise to another level.

Transportation Wheels

exerpeutic 1000xl elliptical

A beautiful exerpeutic elliptical 1000xl machine is arrived from lightweight design that’s very easy to move from room to room without any support.

Even, you can easily carry this elliptical machine on the back of your car whenever you want to go anywhere and you can undoubtedly enable your practice work there.


An exerpeutic elliptical machine is not required for too much maintenance.This is because the inside of this is not likely to be damaged, but it depends on how you use the machine.  At some joints, you may need to add oil from time to time so that the magnetic machine does not rust. So, don’t you have to do much maintenance on this machine, you will be worried about here.

Why the Exerpeutic 1000xl is great:


In these price ranges it is really difficult to find out the top-class elliptical machine. This exerpeutic elliptical machine offer fewer prices for excellent elliptical experience.


As a famous elliptical brand this equipped delivers top-class performance without any doubt. I hope you can easy to reach your destination and get overall body shape.


As a 300-lb weight capacity exercise machine so it is super durable and stable during your workout session. So, if you have more weight than no issued because it carried your weight smoothly.

Why Exerpeutic 1000xl it’s not great:

Little difficult to put together

There are a lot of advantage but it has few disadvantages put together is one of them. It’s little difficult to assembly. All the guide line and instruction give you just need to see and put together step by step. Althout, the exerpeutic 1000xl heavy duty magnetic elliptical arrived some re-assemble part.

Summary Of The Exerpeutic 1000xl

In the exerpeutic elliptical review, our expert try to discuss A to Z feature and pros, cons which is excellent to make your final decision.

This fitness equipped is truly comes with affordable price and gives you top-class performance. In the end, it can be said that you will be very much benefited by buying this machine.  Because, it has a lot of unknown things that’s you have never imagined.  So, you can buy this machine and continue your practice very effectively and comfortable.

With this affordable machine you can enjoy the necessary exercise workout benefits. Even this tool is not only great for improve body muscles, developed stamina, endurance but also reduce calories and weight. I’m not emphasis you that pick up this machine but this tools is truly perfect from another high-range budget.

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