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Can I Use the Elliptical While Pregnant? – Safety Guidelines in 2022

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Pregnancy is a lifetime achievement for many women. We don’t want to take a single misstep during this precious time in our lives. Because every day is so special for us to nourish ourselves, keeping fit is also necessary. While exercise during pregnancy is still taboo in many developing countries, healthcare experts know how vital fitness is for pregnant women.

Women need to develop their bodies with muscles, strength, and greater tolerance levels during this particular period in their lives. Post-pregnancy comes with significant challenges for most, so seeking a doctor and their guidance is a must. In the course of this heavy mental and physical coercion, Elliptical training can be an actual life-saving procedure. 

Elliptical machines come in handy for women who want to be nourished with both good food and fitness. It is easy, relaxing, and not taxing at all. So don’t stress yourselves, moms. Just keep on reading to know whether you need an elliptical machine in your life. 

Benefits of Exercise on Elliptical Machine

Elliptical exercise is a beautiful way of harnessing your muscles simplistically. The benefits are endless. Elliptical workouts (like a walk in nature or sprinting for a faster effect) will not only make you agile but will hone your reflexes. 

After the pandemic, getting out of your house has become national insecurity. And if you are pregnant, that’s a whole another level of anxiety. So how are you going to get your bit of exercise? In this era of technology, should we even need to ask? Because an elliptical machine has always been there to wipe away your fears and let you hold on to your health. 

Do consult a doctor before getting on that elliptical machine, though, because no woman during her pregnancy is the same. We all have different needs. 

Features of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are manufactured with a robust body that can take hours of daily utilization and remain intact. Elliptical machines are the perfect suit for cardiovascular exercise and natural growth and fitness. That being said, elliptical machines come in different shapes, sizes, and types. 

You can choose different kinds of elliptical machines depending on your needs. So an elliptical machine during pregnancy is very safe to use. You usually put your hands on the rails while keeping your feet on the pedals. The system is typically automatic hence you don’t have to adjust the controls.  

Use of Elliptical Machine While Pregnant

Elliptical workout for pregnancy is relatively healthy for women, regardless of whatever the myths suggest. In fact, elliptical exercise during pregnancy can train a mother’s body for the upcoming delivery. Is treadmill or elliptical safer during pregnancy? 

The treadmill can be a little too fast and risky for a woman with a life living within her. The elliptical machine will help her remain safer because of her condition. And she won’t have to face any of the unprecedented risks the outdoors brings. That being said, You can use an elliptical machine in wondrous ways to entertain yourself while keeping yourself fit. 

Safe Gym Workouts During Pregnancy

Gym workouts have various ranges. They can be intensive and intimidating, but elliptical machines are meant to give you the minimum effects any exercise should bring. 

Can I do elliptical during pregnancy?” is a common inquiry asked by health-conscious soon-to-be-moms by now. And we are well aware that the less intensive workouts are always the safest. Therein moms, don’t you worry no more. Elliptical during pregnancy is as safe as it can be. 

Precautions: Exercise on Elliptical During Pregnancy

Despite being a safe machine to use when pregnant, the lack of knowledge over something that you use can cause you harm. Not being aware of the instructions can inflict upon you great physical pain. 

Starting from pain around the joints, hips, and even labor aches, you can get yourself in trouble. So get yourself enlightened on how you can take safe steps on the elliptical machine. Do consult a doctor or a trainer who will formulate a structure and an exercise plan for you to follow. With their specialized instructions, only can you start your exercises. 

Red Alert

We know we are giving you a slight nudge towards using elliptical machines during your pregnancy. But you are the one who’s the owner of your body, and you should pay full attention to what changes your body faces. Keep track of what you become aware of, and don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you notice anything damaging. 

Below, we have a list of warning signs of depleting health. Do not continue your exercises if you find any of these symptoms happening to you.

Problematic symptoms:

  • Bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty sleeping and eating
  • Stomach ache
  • Headache 
  • Heartbeats>140 BPM
  • Temperature>100 degrees celsius

Guidelines on Elliptical Workouts for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, elliptical machines can help alleviate their stress and make them feel stronger for the human form they carry. We recommend that you inquire with a doctor to know how to carry yourself while you exercise or whether you can exercise at all.

If you have no experience in elliptical or other forms of workouts, then start with cautious small steps. Remember to include warm-up in your routine, as well. You can have a trainer guide you throughout your post-pregnancy workout journey. Don’t go above the speed the doctor has recommended for safety. 

More tips:

  • Take a cool-down session after ten minutes of a workout session.
  • When walking at a standard, you can go over longer sessions, like even thirty minutes per session.
  • Pause when your heartbeats rise over the bar we mentioned previously in the article. 

Variations of Exercise in Elliptical During Pregnancy

The amount of exercise you can give yourself throughout your pregnancy differs by the trimesters and the state you are in. Below we have enlisted the differences in the workout patterns throughout the trimesters.

First trimester

Is the elliptical safe during early pregnancy? Well, yes, and no. It depends on the mother, really. During pregnancy, Elliptical is to be started carefully and proceeded according to your health. This is the initial stage and the least painful, but it introduces a new phase of your life.

Second trimester

You should be gaining energy during this time of your life now that you have synchronized your body with the workouts. You can move at a slow and steady pace now. 

Third trimester

This is a difficult period of your life, so take note of your body’s reaction and listen to what it says. Don’t pursue your workouts even if you have gained energy and strength in the past due to them. The same helpful exercises from the past could hurt you now. But if you are confident, you can work for a few minutes every day to prepare yourself for labor pain. 

Bottom Line

Pregnancy is the most defining moment for a mother or an expecting woman. Any woman going through this knows just how careful she has to be. But cautious doesn’t mean bed rest. Even the child inside wants some play. Exercise helps with improving childbirth complications too, so we have that. 

So is Elliptical safe for pregnancy? Elliptical exercise is the best form of exercise for any pregnant woman. It poses zero risk to the mother and child’s health. Moreover, it’s a relaxing and refreshing exercise for mothers, as told by other mothers. To build yourself up with strength and stamina for your latter stages and grow up a strong child, start elliptical today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the elliptical safe during pregnancy?

Sure it is. It is medically beneficial for pregnant women. The elliptical is a minimal exercise machine that is gentle on joints and promotes healthy blood flow. Elliptical and pregnancy go hand-in-hand.

What is the best exercise during pregnancy?

We guarantee all moms pregnancy-safe exercise on an elliptical machine. During pregnancy, there is no risk of harm from using it.

How to use an elliptical machine while pregnant?

Pre-approval from your doctor is required before you can begin using a cross-trainer while pregnant. You can also use an elliptical while pregnant if you follow your doctor’s instructions.

How long should I use an elliptical while pregnant? 

Cross-training while pregnant is safe for up to 30 minutes, depending on your health. However, you must take a slight pause after a 10- to 15-minute session.

Are gym machines safe for pregnancy?

Not really. Pregnant women should not use the pieces of equipment found in the gym. Even more lethal is a heavy work machine. However, the elliptical machine is the best way to exercise while pregnant. First, you should get permission from the doctor though to do an elliptical during pregnancy.


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